Happy Earth Day 2013

To create awareness or make a difference on Earth Day (and every day) you don’t have to attend a grand event or take on a grandiose project. One little step is all it takes to begin to effect change.

Potting Event – Earth Day

Our plan to celebrate Earth Day 2013 was to attend the “Children’s Potting Event” at Anthropologie on South Granville. I took J (4 years old), who was very excited about planting a plant.

Our first activity was to plant a pansy. The steps were laid out beautifully, both visually and practically, from 1 to 8. The table was set with a cake stand full of glass jars, beautiful bowls with soil and rocks, flats of pretty pansies and containers with additional supplies; Easy for kids to follow and decoratively inspiring for parents.

Step 1 – Choose a glass jar

Step 2 – Pick a decoration for your jar (bee, butterfly or bird) and hot glue gun it on (with assistance for the little ones of course ;).

Step 3- Fill the bottom of your jar with little rocks

Step 4 – Fill the jar to approx ¾ full with soil

Step 5- Choose your pansy from and separate it from the bunch. Loosen the soil and roots slightly. Place your pansy in the jar, into the soil and top with more soil until firmly packed in the jar.

Step 6- Add wooden stick with care instructions ❤

Step 7- Decorate the decoration you glued to your jar

Step 8 – Decorate a box to place your jar in to take home.

Celebrating Earth Day

After J finished planting his pansy we discussed how to care for it. O asked J what he did when he got thirsty? He figured out that when his plant was thirsty he would give it water. O also asked him what kind of days he liked “rainy or sunny?” He promptly answered rainy, which was a cute surprise to us both. I asked him since his plant preferred sunny days, where did he think he could put it in his room that it would be happy? He thought “the window sill would be a perfect spot!”

There is so much more I could share about our Earth Day event; Thank you Anthroplogie for hosting a delightful family friendly Earth Day event. Your staff was amazing with the kids! They engaged them in the activities and fostered their learning by asking questions and offering choices. It was heartwarming to see how genuine and connected the staff was with the kids as well.

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