Fall Planters Dress Up an Entryway

When the leaves start falling from the trees and your garden is no longer in floral bloom it’s time for a different kind of garden focal point.

Fall planters can be a beautiful accent to your outdoor space, adding colour and interest to a garden that is now slowing for winter. By using additional accents such as pumpkins, gourds and ornamental cabbage you create a visual interest of colour and texture.

If you are looking for something edible to add to the fall garden try some “Bright Lights” swiss chard. It’s a hearty, stalky plant whose multicolured stems dont mind the colder temperatures. Other choices of herbs would include creeping thyme or clumps of chives.

If you are looking to decorate a smaller space such as an apartment patio or window sill, try grouping a few small pots with one choice in each and arrange the pots together to create your design. Some great choices would be grass for height, ornamental cabbage for texture and a pot of pumpkins or gourds for colour.

Happy Plant (er) ing!


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